Having a clean city isn’t an easy task, says Malupenga

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Having a clean city isn’t an easy task, says Malupenga


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LOCAL government permanent secretary Amos Malupenga says good sanitation and infrastructure is among the government’s cornerstones for improving citizens’ lives.

Malupenga, who represented local government minister Vincent Mwale at the launch of the pilot project for Live Clean public toilets in Lusaka’s Kanyama area yesterday, said the government was committed to consistently improving the living standards of Zambians.

“A cornerstone in this commitment is to have clean cities with good sanitation and infrastructure in order to create an environment in which people can thrive. This is not an easy task and we need everyone to come together in order to succeed – that is the government, the city council, the private sector and the people on the ground. Live Clean is a great example of this [as] it proves that collaboration between local government and the private sector can indeed create something impressive,”

Malupenga said.

He hailed Live Clean, saying their initiative had a direct impact on peoples’ lives on a daily basis, particularly in an area like Kanyama constituency.

“Government supports long-term solutions like Live Clean as it a positive contribution to this commitment. I am aware that following the success of this pilot facility, Live Clean plans to expand to addition sites across Lusaka and subsequently in other cities in the country.  We don’t need to belabour the point; we all agree that we need such facilities dotted in all our places. With that in mind, therefore, I would like to direct the Lusaka city Council and all involved institutions to work positively and efficiently with Live Clean in an effort to create four to six sites within the next 12 months within Lusaka,”

said Malupenga.

“We need to go beyond Lusaka; as we all know that cholera started in Lusaka and spread to other places and when we started the campaign to clean Lusaka, we extended this campaign to the rest of the country and so even this project (of establishing Live Clean public toilets) we should see it in that context.”

And Live Clean chief executive officer Mwila Lwando said, “Our site was tested during the outbreak of cholera and it came out negative at all times. For this to come, it is obviously because of the tireless efforts. We are now embarking on a vigorous expansion programme to roll out new sites across the city of Lusaka and across the country. The private sector and the youth in Zambia have an answer to the developmental challenges that this country has.”

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